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  • Round 46 Changes
    General XP gained from invasions increased by 50%. Factions Afflicted: Abominations changed from 2/0 to 2/1. Ants: 2% drafting (instead of 1%). Beastfolk: Goat Witch changed from 1/4 to 1/2 wizard on offense. Dimensionalists: Summoner changed from counting as 0.25 …

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  • Round 45 Changes
    General Buildings removed from the Dominion class. This is purely technical, but it means we’re 100% committed to Buildings 2.0 now. Base starting lumber changed from 160,000 to 240,000. Factions Dragon: Driller gem production changed from 1 gem/tick to 1.2 …

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  • Round 44 Changes
    General Rounds are now indefinitely long. Instead, a countdown starts when someone reaches a certain land size and when that countdown ends, the round ends. For round 44, the countdown is 12 hours and starts as soon as someone has …

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