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ODARENA is a browser-based war game, and sometimes you just need to unwind a bit. That’s what the Lounge is for. What have you come here to read?

  • Round 38 Announcement
    For Goodness’ Sake Many of you have been generous and able to donate money to ODARENA through the Ko-Fi and Patreon, for which I am profoundly honoured and grateful. I have thought about what to do with the money. The […]
  • Round 38 Changes
    Bushels of food are now called halms of food. This has no impact on the game, but the measurement bushel was nonsensical. Each person eats 0.25 bushels per tick, which comes to 24 bushels per day. That’s approximately 872 litres. […]
  • Round 37 Changes
    Spells Totally revamped spell system. This makes it much easier to add new spells and create different features around spells. It also leaves no room for mismatch in the previously hardcoded spell description, instead using dynamic descriptions just like Techs […]