Round 6, The 1000-Acre Stare, started with fierce battles between Norse, Spirit, Templars, Dragons, Orcs, and others. Sitting quietly in the background was a Growth.

All but the Spirit and the Norse fell behind. In-fighting took spread through the Imperial realm, where desperation grew for land and dead souls for the Undead and Demons to harvest.

Then, when the Spirit and the Norse were struggling to conquer new acres, the Growth made its move. It used its enormous stockpile of food to train an enormous and unstoppable army of Ulcers.

The battle continued for days and the Norse grew very strong by slaying Dragons and recalling its lost Berserkir from death into combat as mighty Einherjar. The Norse was joined by a mighty Merfolk whose Krakens and Leviathans laid waste to the enemies.

But it was the Growth that stood largest, and strongest, in the end. Serenity had ensured its victory.