A rising star in the Orcish army, going from being a lowly foot-soldier and quickly ascending the ranks to senior commander, the now-Empress always knew she was destined for greatness.

Slitting the throats of her seniors in traditional Orcish power struggles, she took over as chieftain over the beaten and tattered forces of the Orcs and lead them into an expansionist campaign.

One by one, the unallied factions fell to the benevolent but indisputable throne of what had become an Empire. Rulers, leaders, monarchs, and other potentates became vassals to the Orcish horde.

Understanding that brutal, unquestionable rule would lead to greater dissent than she could control single-handedly, the Empress has instituted an Imperial Senate which permits subject a degree of autonomy and say.

LegislatureBenevolent dictatorship
LeaderEmpress, or Emperor
LanguageEveryone is required to study Orcish and all official documents are in Orcish, but other languages are permitted locally in a non-official capacity
EconomyMining, weaponry, machinery, magical services