While the Imperial Artillery terrified and terrorised the not-yet conquered lands with two-hundred thousand Cannons and while Imperial Gnomes readied a never-before-seen army of over one-hundred and forty-two thousand Arquebusiers and thousands of Airships, the war was ultimately won by the Commonwealth under the firm stewardship of the Admiral Researcher.

The mighty Armada seized thousands of acres for Barbarians and Myconids as well as from more imminent threats. Wood Elven, Jagunii, Halfling, and Human forces lined the Commonwealth and grew, when opportunity to do so without taking Artillery bombardment or Imperial Gnomish fire.

The Vampires made their first appearance on the battlefield, having previously lived in the ever-shrinking parts of unclaimed or forgotten lands. Although mustering a formidable force, circumstances left them to reconsider their future strategies. In their place, a Growth overtook as the strongest Independent fighter, working hard to defend its Myconid allies and do Growths do best: grow — always grow.

Previously unknown Barbarian tribes starting making an appearance in the final days of the war. It is not yet clear if these new tribes are a result of in-fighting and splitting or brand new bands of rovers being formed.

But, for now, the over four-thousands Battleships fire a salute to the end of the war.