Round 15 – In Sickness, Until Death Do Us Part – will go down in the Chronicles of Odarena as the most vile, repulsive, and yet exciting. Left on the battlefield are rotting mounds of flesh and bones from fallen Abominations. Not even vultures circle it.

Control was quickly seized by two Afflicted, who quickly amassed an unending army of Abominations. Scouts would nearly always report at least a couple of Abominations stumbling back to the great Afflicted dominions.

Under the protection of the Afflicted, the Imperial armies grow stronger, led by a Goblin, a Dark Elf, a Dragon, and two Noxes.

Under immense pressure, the Commonwealth banded closer together than ever and deviced plans to overtake, one by one, the Imperial forces. Lead by a Swarm and a Void and supported by a Spirit, Human, and two Dwarves, the Commonwealth refused to surrender.

Peering through the veil, the Commonwealth saw a a big opportunity: take down the Afflicted. After much scheming and with clear duties assigned, the strongest of the Commonwealth began to one after another invade the second strongest Afflicted, taking thousands of acres in mere hours.

With this new land, the Swarm and Vision were able to coordinate attacks on the Afflicted. Nothing was for certain until the very end, when the Void forces of Espiosa finally secured and maintained a lead.