With ferocious snarling and gnarling, the Vampiric and Beastfolk armies entered the battlefield and began tearing apart Barbarians and Lizards. They were soon joined by the city-state of Kerranad, whose Assassins and Immortal Knights made short work of their foes.

A vile Afflicted army arose from the Empire and struck terror and caused disgust in all who happened upon it. Stumbling fleshy configurations with no desire other than violence, death, and weaving of tissue covered the battlefields. Those left on the battlefield were torn apart and mended into utter Abominations.

The Afflicted army was the strongest but did not control the most land. Through strategic selection of targets and timing, the Independent forces were able to avoid losing ground to the Afflicted and finally could put an end to the carnal harvest.

In the Commonwealth lands, disarray ruled as the Governor struggled to keep its lands safe. Spirits were seen blessing Barbarians with eternal life, albeit in a manner that yielded more land for the enemy than for the Commonwealth. Mighty Jagunii and an Armada were not able to liberate any significant amounts of Barbarian land.

Snow Elves were struggling to keep the yetis under control and defend their lands, while also having enough workers and resources to keep the supply lines ready for the Trebuchets. Wild yetis were lingering around in the mountains eyeing the gryphon nests, and the yetis seemed restless.

The Independents seized control of the war: after he two Vampiric armies, one Beastfolk, and one Kerranad were no longer threatened by the Afflicted, and a Nox army grew strong but did not engage in combat, the city-stated reigned supreme. With the safety provided by friendly armies, the Myconids began growing Amanitas at an astounding pace.

But the Empress is never one to surrender. It was time for the Dark Elves to emerge as a new contender. However, despite several opportunities to exploit risks taken by the Independent, the Dark Elves were not able to seize control of the round. The furious Empress had several officers beaten and beheaded for their failures.

Myconids and a Growth were starting growing, seemingly unstoppable. The Growth deployed hundreds of thousands and eventually over a million Cysts and Abscesses in war, during its mindless quest for land and food.

With the Amanitas in full effect, the largest Myconid swelled to a size far greater than anyone, ensuring a victory for the Independent not only in military might but also in land.

Round 29 Epilogue.