Round 8 — Crafty Warriors — was a nail biter to the very last few hits.

A large pack of Mriswithians joined the battle and seized control with a powerful Norse in the lead, closely backed by a mighty Beastfolk.

The Empire fought as best it could. A Nox summoned thousands of Imps, a Demon collect thousands of souls, and a Void unleashed untold and incomprehensible suffering.

When all looked said and done, the Commonwealth split. Two Norse and a Merfolk formed a breakaway realm in an attempt to topple the Commonwealth status quo.

And it looked like they would succeed. From the depths came Atlantis of the separatist realm, a Merfolk of rarely-seen power. But in a dramatic turn of events, a frightening Dragon arose and conquered all. None could stand in its way.

It finally sat perched at the top, victorious.