Round 16 – Conquer All – started with a valiant effort by the Commonwealth, led by a Halfling, a Growth, and the zealous Sacred Order, but they faced fierce competition from a Lycanthrope run amok, a Goblin, and Demons… Everywhere you looked, there were Demon forces.

Unfortunate timing caused the Commonwealth forces to drop from three to only one strong contender, who alone could not hold back the Demons, who had begun picking off the Barbarians when there were no more Commonwealth land to be gained.

Demons are restless and when dismembering Barbarians no longer satisfied their impossible taste for violence, the Demons abandoned the Empire and settled in their own Hellish realm.

The sudden departure of their strongest forces left the Imperial troops in disarray and the once mighty Goblin was torn apart by the Demons.

The strongest contender in the Empire, a Dragon, stood alone in the fight and was unable to tip the scales. It was a Demon’s victory.

But which Demon was not certain. Never giving up, the Commonwealth remained coordinated and encouraging. Hidden behind a veil of the strongest spies, the Halfling forces were able to surprise one of the Demons in the final hours of the game, allowing Deathscythe to take the win.