Round 83 Changes

Gameplay Research When the old tech system was replaced with the current Advancements system, the old code was kept. Deleting it would be a lot of work and it has some interesting mechanics. It’s now being repurposed for a Civ-style tech tree. Research technologies to enhance different aspects of your dominion. Each technology takes 96…

Round 82 Changes

Gameplay Protectorates can not be larger than 133% of their protectors. If a protectorate attempts to make a hit that would make them exceed 133%, the invasion is halted. Expedition XP gains increased from 25 to 33 per land. Expedition prestige gains increased from [Land Discovered] / [Total Land] * 200 to [Land Discovered] /…

Round 81 Changes

Gameplay Deity is now separated from the Government page. Morale is no longer displayed as a percentage. The World Spinner was a little too lenient last round. Will be more aggressive from now on. Ruler and Faction specific pages of the Chronicles (rankings) now highlight the events of the last 20 rounds (as opposed to…

Round 80 Changes

Gameplay SPA and WPA now shown on Insight (including Archive). It’s showing the ratios as of that moment (i.e. lowered if spies are out returning from theft/sabotage). Deity power perk from devotion is now multiplicative. All other deity power perks are additive. Draftees can now be housed in Barracks and all other, generic military housing….

Round 79 Changes

Gameplay Change that took place during last round: Target DP is now shown on the Invade page. The DP shown is the target’s real DP including all unit perks and your own target DP modifier (such as Temples). It is not updated in realtime. It updates when you select the target or change unit composition….