Round 81 Changes

Gameplay Deity is now separated from the Government page. Morale is no longer displayed as a percentage. The World Spinner was a little too lenient last round. Will be more aggressive from now on. Ruler and Faction specific pages of the Chronicles (rankings) now highlight the events of the last 20 rounds (as opposed to…

Round 80 Changes

Gameplay SPA and WPA now shown on Insight (including Archive). It’s showing the ratios as of that moment (i.e. lowered if spies are out returning from theft/sabotage). Deity power perk from devotion is now multiplicative. All other deity power perks are additive. Draftees can now be housed in Barracks and all other, generic military housing….

Round 79 Changes

Gameplay Change that took place during last round: Target DP is now shown on the Invade page. The DP shown is the target’s real DP including all unit perks and your own target DP modifier (such as Temples). It is not updated in realtime. It updates when you select the target or change unit composition….

Round 78 Changes

Gameplay Expedition land gains now reduced by deity multiplier even during submission period (the 48 ticks before devotion kicks in). For anyone following along in GitHub, the name of round branches have changed from ODA-r# to just r# (ODA-r77 to r78). Advancements 2.0 Advancements were just reskinned Technological Advancements. This new system is a proper…

Round 77 Changes

Gameplay Expedition land gains increased by circa 40%, OP per 1 land changed from [Land Size] ** 1.25 / 3 to [Land Size] ** 1.25 / 5. Expedition land gains reduced by [Land Gained] * (1 – [Deity Multiplier]). Decrees As the ruler of a dominion, you can issue decrees. Each decree has one or…

Round 76 Changes

Gameplay Exploration removed. Psionics Cult specific. Psionic strength is a measurement of the overall mental fortitude of a dominion. It is calculated as ([Base] * (1 + [Psionic Strength Perks] + [Psionic strength from units]) / [Population]. Base is 1.00 for everyone except Cult, whose base is 1.50. There are currently no psionic strength perks….

Round 75 Changes

Gameplay Overwhelm cutoff changed from 85% to 80%. Base XP gained on invasion changed from 40 to 60, decreasing by 0.04 per tick down to 40. Base XP gained from discovered land changed from 1 to 5 on regular invasions and from 2 to 10 on hitting someone who recently invaded you. Morale change code…

Round 74 Changes

Gameplay No changes. Factions Firewalker Magma Fragment attrition changed from 2% to 1%. Growth Cyst mana production changed from 0.025 mana/tick to 0.015 mana/tick. Marshling Starts with 1,500 marshlings. Vampires Noble casualty bonus changed from -50% to -25%. Advancements No changes. Buildings Battlement (Snow Elf only): Arbalist housing changed from 10 to 12. Granaries restored….

Round 73 Changes

Gameplay All dominions start with Sazal’s Fog and Sazal’s Charge on a 192-tick cooldown, which after protection means 96 ticks of cooldown remaining. A new type of conversion added: Displaced Peasants Random Split Conversion. Instead of all displaced peasants being converted to one unit slot, there is random ratio (x% to y%) which turn into…

Round 72 Changes

Gameplay Land discovered restriction from hitting the same target changed from 12 ticks to 8 ticks. This used to be measured in hours (two hours) and wasn’t reconfigured correctly when I changed it to be ticks based. Sabotage Listen, all y’all, it’s a Sabotage! Like Theft and Sorcery had a baby: what was left of…