Round 14 – Bones, Boulders, Blisters, and Bloodshed – looked grim for the Commonwealth from the very beginning. Nearly half the Imperial forces were comprised of Orcs, and they had strong backing by a Goblin and a Nomad.

The war was short but the battles were many. Once the Orcs, Goblin, and the Nomad had secured a lead, a line was drawn. Do not enter our range or you will regret it, the big four seemed to say to the Commonwealth forces who dared to try – mostly a Swarm, a Norse, and a Void.

The Commonwealth was left with little to do but pick on Barbarians and the smaller Imperial dominions.

Victory assured, it was only a matter of who in the Empire would finish on top. The Nomad assumed the role of border protection, punishing even the smallest Barbarians it could spot at or near the Imperial fringes while the Goblin and Orcs fed on the Commonwealth.

In the end, it was Commander Dtql of Crash and Burn who was king of the hill.