A reckless Vampire, in a violent search for bodies to infect, sounded the first alarm of the round by capturing hundreds of Barbarians for mindless service.

Marshling forces were also spotted among the Independent and mysterious Dimensionalist portals were seen already on the first day of the war. Gentle waves rocked above the surface of a Merfolk dominion.

But it was a Kobold and a Nomad who seized early control and were at loggerheads with each other. While the Kobold could amass enormous armies, the Nomad’s brilliant defense of halberders caused thousands of Kobolds to perish should they invade.

The Imperial Nomads were supported by a strong Undead, a Demon, an Imperial Gnomes, and two armies of Artilleries. There was also a Demon lurking.

The Commonwealth consisted mostly of Spirit forces but were led by a Halfling. There was also a Norse, whose reckless campaign yielded many legendary champions and Einherjar but not enough defense. Imperial and Independent forces would often take land from the Norse, whose Berserkir almost seemed to relish in the loss of land as it allowed to attack weak little Barbarians.

Despite the best efforts by the Empire to keep the news secret, it soon became apparent to outside spectators. A distant cousin to the Empress had been captured by Barbarians while on a tax collection routine in some of the more remote areas of the Empire.

A poorly written ransom note was sent to the Imperial High Court and the Empress decided she only had one choice. Instructions were given to the Imperial Gnomes to seek out and kill every Barbarian until a confession was signed by this kidnapper with his own blood on parchment made from his own skin.

“Deploy all airships at once.”

The Imperial Gnomes were keen to try out the new aerodynamics of the Airships and complied. An endless barrage of hits on small Barbarians. The Commonwealth and Independent found the attacks immoral and gruesome but could to little but stand by and watch.

The waves above the Merfolk dominion had begun to grow. Waves were breaking and the glimmer of gems was so strong sailors avoided the Merfolk waters.

The Demon had attempted to collect enough souls to support its Imperial Gnome in the war but had instead been caught by surprise by the Kobold. The Demon struggled to get its population and sacrificial slaughters under control long enough to not be a threat as a potential invader but it continued to grow. Seeking hundreds and thousands of new acres to explore in search for peasants to massacre and souls to harvest.

As the Kobold had taken control of the war, for the time being, the mighty Krakens were let loose upon the world and waves of destructions flooded the shores of Barbarians still recovering from the cruel campaign of Imperial Gnomes.

Side by side, albeit in very different elements and shapes, the Dimensionalists and Merfolk armies grew quickly as the days past.

Unable to take land through combat, the Kobold had started exploring for new lands. Command of the round was gradually handed over to the Dimensionalist and Merfolk.

Once able to get by the mighty Imperial Artilleries, the Dimensionalist and Merfolk nearly smelled victory in the air but the final days were yet to pass.

Shock and distress spread as the Imperial Gnomes were able to shift from butchering Barbarians to invading the peaceful Myconids. Despite being all forest, the crafty and cunning Imperial Gnomes were able to quickly cut the trees down and make the land work for them.

Hope returned briefly to the Independents when the Merfolk was able to muster enough force to invade the enormous Demon. The first attack was not strong enough but as soon as the Krakens had returned home, they were sent out again and this time dealt a severe blow to the Demon.

However, the Imperial Gnome was able to strike again and again on the helpless Myconids. In the end, it was enough to be the winner of the war.