Once hailing from the ancient lands, the Arwe were a harmonious and enlightened people, deeply connected to the natural world and the mystical forces that governed it. As the progenitors of Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves, and Humans, the Arwe represented the wisdom and grace that would later define these distinct races.

Their homeland, a verdant and enchanted realm, had long been a sanctuary for those seeking knowledge and communion with the primal forces of the land. This ancient land symbolized the Arwe’s unity with the natural world and their shared lineage with the other races.

The Arwe were adept at harnessing the magical energies that permeated their world. Through their attunement to the forces of nature, they developed an intricate system of runes and rituals, which allowed them to channel the raw power of the elements and weave spells that influenced the course of events.

As skilled artisans and builders, the Arwe erected impressive structures that blended seamlessly with their surroundings, reflecting their belief in the sanctity of the natural world. Their cities and villages were nestled within the very heart of the forests, with intricately carved dwellings and winding paths that spoke to their deep reverence for the land.

Throughout the ages, the Arwe served as both guides and guardians for the other races that shared their ancient lineage. They forged alliances and embarked on diplomatic endeavors to maintain the delicate balance between the forces of light and darkness. As the descendants of the revered Urmer, the Arwe were ever watchful, striving to uphold their noble legacy and protect the harmony that sustained the world. The once-magnificent Arwe have vanished, leaving behind a world greater than they found.