Once dwelling in the rugged highlands, the Gorm were a proud and resilient people, deeply rooted in their traditions and connected to the untamed forces of the land. As the direct ancestors of Trolls and Yetis and the forebears of the Angorm, which later gave rise to Goblins and Orcs, the Gorm embodied the strength and determination that would come to define these subsequent races.

Their homeland, a realm of craggy peaks and windswept valleys, had long been a bastion of fortitude and survival, where the Gorm forged their indomitable spirit. This ancient land represented their connection to the raw elements and their shared ancestry with the races that would follow in their footsteps.

The Gorm were renowned for their mastery of the primal forces that shaped their world. Through their deep understanding of the earth and its hidden power, they developed an intricate system of rituals and runes that enabled them to command the very essence of the land, bending it to their will.

As skilled craftsmen and builders, the Gorm constructed formidable strongholds and settlements that were both resilient and functional, reflecting their pragmatic and steadfast nature. Carved into the very bones of the mountains, their homes were a testament to their endurance and reverence for the harsh land that had shaped them.

Throughout their history, the Gorm served as both protectors and challengers for the other races that shared their lineage. They formed alliances and engaged in conflicts that tested the mettle of their kin, seeking to maintain a delicate balance between the forces of light and shadow. As descendants of the revered Urmer, the Gorm embraced their dual nature, striving to uphold their complex legacy and the ever-shifting harmony that defined their world. Though the Gorm have long since vanished, their indelible mark on history remains, a testament to their strength, wisdom, and unyielding spirit.