Once roaming the untamed wilderness, the Therozou were a vibrant and resourceful people, who emerged from the depths of nature to form a thriving society. As the ancestors of the fierce and mighty Beastfolk and the forest-dwelling warrior tribes of Simians, the Therozou stood as a testament to the potential of wildlife to evolve and adapt, creating a legacy that would endure through the ages.

Their homeland, a lush and sprawling expanse of primeval forests and rolling savannahs, had long been a realm of vibrant life and untapped potential. In this ancient land, the Therozou found their purpose and rose above the limitations of their wild origins, weaving together the threads of disparate creatures to form a unique and powerful tapestry of life.

The Therozou were known for their innate connection to the natural world and the primal forces that governed it. Through their deep understanding of the land and its creatures, they developed a unique and powerful bond that allowed them to draw upon the strengths and abilities of the wild, uniting them in a shared purpose and destiny.

As skilled artisans and builders, the Therozou fashioned dwellings and structures that blended seamlessly with their surroundings, reflecting their deep respect for the natural world and the diverse array of creatures that called it home. Nestled among the trees and nestled into the very fabric of the land, their settlements stood as a testament to their adaptability and harmony with the environment.

Throughout their brief but remarkable existence, the Therozou served as both guides and guardians for the other races that would spring from their lineage. They forged bonds and fostered alliances, working to bridge the divide between the untamed wild and the burgeoning societies that had begun to take shape. The Therozou shone brightly, their legacy a beacon of hope and inspiration for the generations that would follow in their footsteps. Though the Therozou have long since vanished, the echoes of their wisdom and the lessons they imparted continue to resonate within the hearts and minds of their descendants.