Approximately the size and physique of elves, the Aurei dwell in the Sandy Mountains to the south where they have long provided safe passage for the Jagunii, often joining forces with them to clear out Barbarian infestations.

Stricken with goldlust, they have forsaken all other materials in favour of gold. The Aurei have dedicated themselves to gold, digging enormous gold quarries whence an ever-increasing amount of gold is extracted. The gold quarries disturb and attract enormous underground beasts called Gold Wyrms which have formed a symbiotic relationship with the Aurei.

Alchemists are Aurei trained in the art of turning inanimate and even animate objects into gold. They can even increase the value of gold itself.

Strong in magic, the Aurei wizards can turn themselves into Halcyon and Chryson, which are gold–magic aspects of their original corporeal bodies. The wizard remains semi-sentient while their body becomes an elevated spellgilded being.