Snow Elves are an isolated elven people living at the highest mountain peaks, tucked behind vast pine forests, overlooking the plains of the Commonwealth.

Prior to the events of the 29th, Snow Elves derived much of their might from taming wild yetis. With the yetis broken free with Dimensionalist assistance to create their own faction, Snow Elves have been hard at work to improve their machinery.

Thanks to technological advancements and the tactile approach to magic preferred by Snow Elven magicalists, the old Trebuchets, which were loaded with giant Ice Boulders, have been replaced by a single Hailstorm Cannon. When fired, this enormous machine freezes mana and turns it into a flurry of ice shards that lay waste to the enemy.

The loss of the yeti has caused more gryphons to take up dwellings on Snow Elven lands, many joining the fight to keep the snowy peaks free from invaders and to aid in taking laying claim to more lands.