Living entirely underground, the Swarm are a civilisation of intelligent and mostly benevolent being that have taken up dwelling in a vast networks of tunnels.

Swarmlings begin their lives as larvae. In their larval stage, they feed on root fibers across the ceilings of the tunnels. Because of their small size, they only eat the smaller strains and the larger fruits fall down to the ground and are consumed by the mature Swarmlings.

After their larval stage, Swarmlings turn into cocoons. Although they no longer produce food in this stage, the cocoons are magical and produce mana.

Emerging from the cocoons are Scorpions, Scarabs, Arachnids, and Centipedes.

The Swarm lives underground and prefers to attack targets by digging up from under the ground. Barren land is the best and even gives them a slight increase in strength.

One cannot tell the size of the Swarm just by looking at the surface. Even if they lose surface land, they keep their underground buildings. Many enemies unknowingly host vast Swarm enemies deep below the surface.