So named for the sickness that festers through their bodies and through their minds, the Afflicted are a vile gathering of beasts and misfits living in putrid agony and torment.

Under the chaotic leadership of torturous and immortal Reapers, the Afflicted seek vengeance against anything that is whole and pure.

Few of those who have entered Afflicted lands have ever returned to tell about the goings on. Those who escape being eaten end up with an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and mostly succumb to the affliction, or end their lives shortly after coming back.

A nauseating gas, called miasma, seeps from the swamp lands where mass graves are arranged for sacrifices and suicides alike. Rotting is better than living here — an escape and a reward.

A patchwork of limbs, skins, bone, and meat and held together by forbidden magic, the stench of Abominations can be detected long before battle begins. Once the battle is over, they will assist their Reaper masters plunder the enemies’ corpses and fuse together more Abominations.