For centuries held back and treated as pests and cattle, the former Lycanthropes freed themselves of their shackles and when after a long journey through the underground caverns beneath forests and leading under the mountains, a band of heroes has returned with the ancient magic of wærryz (weres).

With this magic at hand, the Empress’ best magicians, historians, and brewers concocted a potion which when shared with the Lycanthropes, revealed their true form as Weres.

The strongest but slowest are the Werebears, which are bear-like beings with intelligence and locomotion comparable to that of an Orc, Elf, or Human. They are tasked with keeping the lands safe.

Faster and more aggressive are there Werewolves, which are much like their Werebear cousins but closer in appearance to wild wolves.

Werebears and Werewolves inflict wounds which are imbued with wærryz, sparing the fallen soldier from death and instead succumbing to the magic.

Large packs of wild bears and wild wolves are sometimes seen living among the Weres.