The Cult started as a small commune in the western forests. One day, a band of wizards took up residence in the commune. They had been expelled from the advanced academies of magic for developing their own kind of reckless magic. The shame and ill-repute that followed had not reached the commune, which opened their arms to their new spell weaving members.

Shortly thereafter, the wizards started calling themselves Mystics and claim to have a direct channel to elder deities. They promise their followers total happiness and purpose. As long as they follow their masters’ biddings and submit to the hierarchy.

Thralls are the lowest standing members of the Cult. They have been lured to the Cult through magic means and serve no purpose beyond conquering land for the Cult.

Initiates are either Thralls that have proven their worth or members of the commune who are coerced to volunteer for the Cult militarily.

Disciples are selected from the most promising commune members. They are completely devoted to the Cult, combining their military service with working as farmers and returning their salary back to the Cult’s coffers.

Mystics are now again growing in number, but only commune members who undergo wizardry training are permitted to join.