Historically a place of peace and prosperity where arms were deposited with the Immortal Guard before entering the gates, the City-state of Kerranad has been a safe haven for travellers, warriors, wizards, merchants, craftworkers, and artists seeking respite from the ravages of war.

Kerranad is perched atop a large peninsula surrounded by the cold, deep, dark oceans and a well-defended isthumus bridging it to the mainland. Beneath the great city lie some of the most generous mines.

War has now reached the gates of the City-state, yet the mayor and his advisers have rejected both offers and threats from the Empire and the Commonwealth. Due to its importance as a trade hub, its independence is respected but questioned and tested.

Assassins are spies trained in the art of hand to hand combat. Battlemages are wizards who pursue the path of combat to protect the City-state and its interests.

The Immortals are Guards and elite Knights are the envy of all armies. The names of all who have served as an Immortal are carved into the city walls.

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