One of the youngest factions and beings of this world, Marshlings baffle those who come across them.

Not long ago, wizards expelled from some of the most prestigious wizardry institutes got together for an evening of drinking and partying in Kerranad. They were rowdy and found themselves thrown out of the tavern and eventually removed from the city by the city guards. Outside of the city walls, they wandered the pathways with no direction or destination, eventually finding themselves lost deep in the forest.

As the night grew cold and they eventually found a marshy swamp that was bubbling, emanating a warm air. As they walked closer to, they were enveloped by the swamp gas and sat down to warm their cold feet and hands close to the gently churning dark water.

They sat by the marsh the whole night. Inebriation from the tavern ales being replaced with a mad sense of irreverent tranquillity. One by one, they began muttering ludicrous melodies of words without meaning. This is the first recorded swamp trance. A vision was shared of bringing the marsh to life.

What happened to the first group of discarded spellcasters is unknown, although they most likely drowned in their experimentations. What came to be of those are the Marshlings: a collection of beings created by infusing bogpoles (called marshlings) with magic. Apprentice wizards from all over the lands are drawn to the Marshling swamps to engage in swamp trances and bring the marshes to life.