The Qur, also spelled Khur in Imperial Orcish (Khûrrh in Old Orcish) and Cuor in Standard Elvish, are a reclusive people living in small villages near and along the Dozen Lakes in the deep, dark forests.

Hunting and spell casting are the Qurrians’ specialties. Proud Hunters often make up the first line of offense and defense. They are aided by magical Crystals formed by merging gems into a configuration known only to the Qur. While this cost and drains mana, the Crystals provide an effective defense.

The pride of the Qurrian military are the Zealots and Chariots. Zealots are formidable warriors capable of releasing souls captured by Demons and killing that which to others is immortal.

Chariots are built to strengthen Zealots fortunate enough to ride in one and protect others from harm in combat.

The Qurs’ ancestry is poorly documented. Approximately the size of humans but with a distinct blue and purple complexion, black and silver hair, and two horns. Some say they are the last Ancient Elves, some say they are Nox, and some say they came from the moons.