The Qur, sometimes also called Khur in Imperial Orcish (Khûrrh in Old Orcish) and Cuor in Standard Elvish, are a reclusive people living in small villages in the darkest jungles near and along the Dozen Lakes. They desire solitude and limited contact with the outside world.

Hunting and magic are Qurrian specialties, with an affinity for imbuing magic into ordinary things.

Deeply connected to the nature around them, hunting and magic are the Qurrians’ specialties. All warriors must undergo a period dedicated to hunting before they can become an Artificer or a Zealot.

Artificers make and take care of Crystals, which are magical assemblies of gem stones imbued with Qurrian magic. They provide defensive power throughout the lands and provide light where there is dark.

Zealots are trained in the skills of war, weaving magic and brute strength into a formidable force.

Some Zealots have their armour and weapons adorned with Crystals, forming Crystalline Zealots, the pinnacle of Qur military might.

The Qurs’ ancestry is not documented and long since forgot. They are slightly larger than humans and elves, with a distinct blue and indigo complexion, black and silver hair, and two horns. Some say they are the last of the Ancient Elves, some say they are Nox, and some say they came from beyond the moons.