Cursed with eternal life through a profane malaise, Vampires have roamed as a pack on the fringes of the world seeking shelter in mountainous coasts to the west.

They live in strict aristocratic societies ruled by a Nobility which claims ancestry to many of the eldest noble families among all elves, orcs, humans, and many other peoples. Throughout their prolonged isolation, they have lost all peaceful contact with those peoples.

Instead of merely slaying their foes, Vampire Nobles drain most of the blood from their fallen enemies and inject them with a serum from their mouths which transforms them into Servants or Gnarls.

Weaker enemies are turned into Servants, whose only duty is to mindlessly defend the Nobles. They dwell and serve in Mansions and are called upon to defend borders of the Vampiric lands.

Stronger enemies become Gnarls, which in appearance at times are confused for goblins almost the size of young trolls.

Through combat experience, Gnarls may morph into Ravagers, which are four-legged, two-armed, three-horned winged creature known for its vicious fighting.

Vampires prefer to stay away from the sun. They generally prefer to stay put during the day time and pounce upon their enemies under the comfort of the night sky.