Cursed with eternal life through a profane malaise, Vampires have roamed as a pack on the fringes of the world seeking shelter in mountainous coasts to the west.

They live in strict aristocratic societies ruled by a Nobility which claims ancestry to many of the eldest noble families among all elves, orcs, humans, and many other peoples.

Instead of merely slaying their foes, Vampire Nobles drain their enemies of blood and replace it with a goo that transforms them into one three forms.

Weak foes are turned into Servants, whose only duty is to mindlessly defend the Nobles. They drone along the borders of the Vampiric lands to fight off any invaders.

Average sized and intelligent casualties are twisted and turned into a being called Gnarl. These twisted beings resemble goblins but are larger, almost the size of a young troll.

The largest and strongest fighters are morphed into the four-legged, two-armed, three-horned winged creature known only as Ravager.