Nothing is truly known about the Void except that their energy emerged from abandoned mines high up in the Imperial mountains. After they started building impossible configurations (resembling ancient ziggurats) seemingly out pure energy, the Void have claimed the lands for themselves.

The longer they stay in this world, the stronger they seem to become as their units fight harder by each passing quarter of an hour.

Their weaker units have been referred to by outsiders as just Figures and Shadows that move in an unnatural way. Those who have tried to claim Void lands have come upon powerful Visions which are both corporeal and ethereal. When Voids grow, they send what look like Distortions. Light moves strangely around them, at times bending and at times vanishing completely.

Mighty shockwaves and overwhelming sensations of powerful presence sometimes overwhelm battle fields and the Distortions and Figures simply vanish, or return immediately for additional battle.