Across the lands wherein the Arwe and Gorm roam, the two factions had finally settled into a new era of prosperity, their gold-based economies thriving after centuries of bartering and exchange. The mysterious disappearance of the Therozou has left behind a lingering unease hanging heavy in the air. However, despite the unsettling vanishing of an entire faction, life went on, and the inhabitants of Odarena continued to build and expand their domains.

Whispers of unrest began to surface across the land — rumours of strange events occurring in far-off territories. Earthquakes shook the ground with unnerving frequency, and volcanoes could be seen far away erupting with an intensity not previously seen by Arwe and Gorm. Neither could determine the cause, and the people of Odarena grew increasingly anxious as they watched the horizon, fearing what might come next.

And then, it happened. From the depths of the earth, a new threat emerged. Long forgotten and unseen by the surface dwellers, the Swarm had remained hidden beneath the ground for eons. These creatures, living in intricate underground colonies, had been disturbed by the calamitous events taking place on the surface. The rumbling earth and scorching volcanic eruptions forced them to abandon their deepest homes and cracks in the surface exposed them to the above world.

The sudden appearance of the Swarm sent shockwaves of fear and chaos throughout Odarena. The Arwe and Gorm factions, previously preoccupied with their own rivalries and pursuits, found themselves facing a new enemy: one that threatened the very foundation of their world. Unbeknownst to them, the sinister machinations of a demonic force loomed in the shadows, and the Swarm was but the first sign of the darkness that was to come.