Facing the adversity and challenges following the rise of the Empire, the various principalities, fiefdoms, republics, nation-states, and other loosely defined, independent territories mainly controlled by humans, which had spent the previous centuries bickering and forming fragile alliances, struggled to find unity. Thousands upon thousands left for the great city-state of Kerranad and many others joined other factions near and far away.

One republic — Cires — known for its artistry and intricate heraldic weavings, located on the periphery of human lands, sought Elven and Gnomish advice for governance and technology. This fruitful cooperation culminated in the Commonwealth. Neighbouring human territories sought to join the republic for its rapidly growing stability, economic strength, and growing military might.

Owing to the ornamental helmets worn by all soldiers, the Ciresine Republic is sometimes just called as the Crest. It encompasses nearly all human territories under Commonwealth control. The old territories are still represented on the decorative standards carried into battle.