The Sacred Order is a faction originally formed by Humans who felt that Holy Wars should be lifelong struggles for justice. Today, people from all over the Commonwealth and even some from other lands join the Sacred Order to fight for Tiranthael’s vision of purity.

Monks are responsible for providing stable defenses, while Fanatics are seen both defending the holy land and conquering more, strengthened by Sacred Temples.

All are lead by Paladins, who are monks trained into warrior elites. They draw their strength from Sacred Shrines.

Both Fanatics and Paladins can heal fallen enemies soldiers and turn them into Martyrs, arming them to the teeth and preparing them to join the Eternal Lands after sacrificing themselves in battle for the Sacred Order.

Peasants displaced from their home land as a result of a Sacred Order invasion may also be convinced to become Martyrs for Tiranthael.