These records are still incomplete.

The world of Odarena is old. Stories have become myths. Heroes have become divine. The terminology used varies among the different peoples and factions.

Whether they are called gods, divines, deities, or simply legends, this is an attempt to record all such beings which are worshipped in different ways.

Factions interact with these divinities in different ways and they in turn may give something back to the world.


For as long as there have been stories to tell, there have been stories about Azk’Hurum, in some tongues referred to as the Punisher. Sinners, criminals, and those with sickly minds were condemned to labour for Azk’Hurum in the great soulworks. While this earned Azk’Hurum the title of Punisher, Azk’Hurum saw a different potential for the souls and blood of the workers.

Tearing down the ancient soulworks, Azk’Hurum let build enormous temples wherein Azk’Hurum formed a new creation from the the blood and souls of thousands of the best workers. These were named Archdemons, and each one is an emissary of Azk’Hurum directly. The workers rejoiced, surrendering their bodies and souls to Azk’Hurum who in turn rewarded them with an endless buffet of violent pleasures and sweet pain.

Barathu Bint

The Fartraveller, Barathu Bint, is said to have been to the highest mountain tops, the driest deserts, the most treacherous swamps, the deepest mining halls, and the thickest forests; to all of the great cities, and to every coast. Through her travels, Barathu Bint traded goods from one place for goods and gold in another. By the end of her mysteriously long life, she had amassed a wealth greater than many rulers.

Barathu Bint, having seen the world, believed that trade and prosperity were the true paths to peace and happiness. Now a legend followed by merchants, traders, and shopkeepers alike.


Orcs claim Bregon as theirs (t’Brakk) while many Elves claim their ancestry (Braëg). But it is Humans and their folks who today are most closely associated with Bregon, the war-master and blacksmith of old.


Worshipped by nearly all beings of the world, but especially beloved among and beloved by the forest caretakers of Sylvan, Druva is associated with nature and all things natural.

That which has been left untouched for ages is Druva’s domain to reclaim and regrow.


The Baroness of the Swamps, a being of a bygone era, claims all that lives below the surface of the muggy swamps to be hers, whether by ancestry or by domination.

Her Children, also called Reptilians, are entirely devoted and are connected to their goddess in a way only comparable but more direct than even the Sacred Order.


One of ancient sea folk, Glimj was a land-walker who taught the land dwellers much about the ways of the oceans and lakes. With Glimj’s help, land dwellers were able to build larger and stronger ships.


Little is known about the origins of Ix, despite appearing in the oldest stories and writings of most peoples and factions. But what they all have in common is that Ix was a collector of knowledge, and often a travelling lecturer. Those who devote to Ix do so seeking advanced knowledge of and about the world.


In many texts referred to one of the Foul Ones, Undead Necromancers perform rites for Kinthys to curse their enemies or raise the dead.


Before there were Dwarves and Gnomes, a folks known as Tyndwurë lived in the roots and foots of the mountains. The greatest among them was Mirnon, who built mines deeper and faster than anyone thitherto had ever seen. It was said he could hear the feint shimmering of gems far below the ground.


One of the first elves (by some called the High Elves), Sazal was an early spell caster and magicalist, one who studies the magical weaves of the world to discover and create spells.


It is not clear of what people or even whence in the world the legend of Tiranthael originates. Many of the legal systems can be traced back to legends about Tiranthael as a firm but just ruler with

The only yearning in his heart stronger than his love for that which is natural, was his hatred of all things unnatural. The great and terrible hatred within Tiranthael was so great it drove Druva away from his side, leaving him alone, seething with fury.

The Sacred Order is devoted to Tiranthael above all others.


Urugdakh, also The Moondweller and The Mooncleaver, is according to ancient Orcish stories the first Orc to taste moon-soot when he threw an axe at the largest moon and caused it to bleed lava.


Zidur is the eldest of the Foul Ones and as times have passed and seasons changed, so have the stories of Zidur.

However, most records tell of Zidur as a general of an ancient army, tens of thousands of moons ago. So great was his proficiency in war that rulers would retreat their armies at the mere whisper of Zidur’s command. The only thing Zidur desired more than war was magic.

Undead Necromancers commune with Zidur to cast curses on enemies and raise undead armies.