Orcs are proud warriors with a culture of war deeply ingrained in every Orc from cradle to the grave or, as is more common, glorious death on the battlefield.

While relatively free to live their lives how they want outside of military service, those who enlist are cast into a ruthless hierarchy serving under Warbosses. A lucky few are trained to ride the mighty yak, the preferred mounted companion of the Orcs.

Under the leadership of the unquestioned Empress, then General, the Orcs saw and seized an opportunity to create a vast Empire.

With the emergence of the Empire, their reputation as brutish, uncivilized warriors has changed under the visionary leadership of the Orcish Empress.

They form the backbone of the Imperial army and consider themselves equal to anyone who joins them in battle. Many look with envy at the elite that make it into the Black Orc battalions.