We have a simulator!

Link: https://sim.odarena.com/

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a new account. The sim uses an entirely separate database from the game. This lets me update the sim without affecting the game.
  2. Create a dominion as usual.
  3. Start ticking through protection like you would normally.
  4. Once you have depleted your protection ticks, you are given the option to delete your dominion.
  5. Refresh the page and you will be able to create a new dominion.

No scheduled ticks take place.

Known issues as of writing:

  • No extra resources for joining late. Planning to add a feature on registration page where you state how many hours late you join.
  • No history shown. You’ll have to take manual notes for now. Basic history will be added shortly.
  • Deleting will generate an ugly Server 500 error for now. Just refresh and it goes away.
  • OP calculation on invasion page isn’t working. Calculate OP manually for now.

Let’s go simming!

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