How to create Quickstart templates

Generate Quickstart

You can generate a quickstart from the sim at any point. It is also possible to do it from the game but the sim is always in a state of round having started, which makes it a preferred blank slate.

So head over to the sim:

You will need a separate username and password for the sim than from the game.

How to submit

You can submit quickstart templates through GitHub (to the latest ODA-r## branch where ## is the name of the latest round/branch) or by sending them to Dreki on Discord.

GitHub is preferred but it can be daunting.


  • Queueing is not supported. Leave the player with 12 ticks and some instructions in the Description if you want to encourage them to have 12 ticks of incoming units at OOP.
  • There is no built-in validation or automatic updating of these templates.

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