Round 26 Summary

Bask in the glorious light of the Lux! 

Although the Imperial forces were the most numerous and the most belligerent, the combined Imperial armies of Imperial Gnomes, Undead, Trolls, Icekin, Lycanthrope, and Dragons could not extinguish the Lucene rays from reaching across Odarena.

The Independent showed their strength by way of a formidable Dimensionalist. The Empire did their best to attack the Dimensionalist in the beginning of the war, but it proved futile as the Dimensionalist gained more land than any member of the Empire.

The deep, serene jungles rustled and seized opportunities created by the reckless Undead feasting on the Barbarian dead. Swinging from tree to tree, the Gorillas beat the immortal units and chased them away. Then peace returned to the Simian jungles.

In a belated yet unrelenting display of war lust, the ethereal forces of the Spirit helped keep all threats to the Commonwealth.

All is peace and all is light.

Congratulations, Tony! Back to back winner.

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