Round 15 Report

Round 15 – In Sickness, Until Death Do Us Part – will go down in the Chronicles of Odarena as the most vile, repulsive, and yet exciting. Left on the battlefield are rotting mounds of flesh and bones from fallen Abominations. Not even vultures circle it. Control was quickly seized by two Afflicted, who quickly amassed an …

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Round 15 Changes

OP and prestige bonuses removed from war. War is now black-ops only. Black Orc Impaler changed to +2 OP per 0.1 Warbosses, meaning 1 Warboss inspires 10 Impalers to increase from 3 to 5 OP. Black Orc Shieldbearer changed to +2 DP per 0.10 Warbosses, meaning 1 Warboss inspires 10 Shieldbearers to increase from 3 …

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