Round 15 Changes

  • OP and prestige bonuses removed from war. War is now black-ops only.
  • Black Orc Impaler changed to +2 OP per 0.1 Warbosses, meaning 1 Warboss inspires 10 Impalers to increase from 3 to 5 OP.
  • Black Orc Shieldbearer changed to +2 DP per 0.10 Warbosses, meaning 1 Warboss inspires 10 Shieldbearers to increase from 3 to 5 DP.
  • A couple of UI changes to display bonuses more clearly, many of which were rolled out during Round 14.
  • Ant extra cost of exploration increased from 15% to 25%.
  • Raw OP increases dependent on WPA or SPA now changed to include modified WPA/SPA.
  • Orc Voodoo Mage changed to base 0/4, +1 DP per 500 prestige (max +4 at 2,000 prestige). Cost set to 800p.
  • Orc Bone Breaker changed to base 4/3, +025 OP per Victory (max +4 at 16 Victories).
  • -5% pop penalty removed from Simian.
  • Goblin Shaman changed to 0.025 wizard.
  • Platinum Interest tech removed.
  • Nox Fiend renamed Gloom.
  • Buildings destroyed on invasion now added to discounted_acres for 25% reduction.
  • Afflicted
    • Zombie renamed Abomination and cost changed to 100 food. Each Abomination eats 0.125 food extra per tick.
    • New game mechanic: Invasion Spells, unique to Afflicted (for now).
    • New offensive invasion spell: Pestilence: Some peasants die and return to the Afflicted as Aberrations (peasants removed from target, new Aberrations added to training queue for Afflicted). Automatically cast on a target invaded by Afflicted where the Afflicted’s OP is at least 50% of the target’s DP.
    • New offensive invasion spell: Great Fever: No population growth, -10% platinum production, -20% food production. Invasion must be successful.
    • New defensive invasion spell: Unhealing Wounds: +50% casualties, +15% food consumption.. Automatically cast on anyone who invades Afflicted (effect begins after the invasion).
  • Demon
    • Hellhound renamed Fiend.
    • Tormentor replaced with Succubus: 4/4 – 660 plat – converts casualties to Fiends.
    • Abomination replaced with Devil: 6/6 – 900 plat, 100 ore, 50 mana, 1 soul – almost never dies.
    • Archdemon changed to: 1/0, 100,000 mana, 100 souls – no draftee cost, almost never dies, converts some casualties into Devils, +1 OP per 3 souls owned (no max), max 1 Archdemon.

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