Round 16 Report

Round 16 – Conquer All – started with a valiant effort by the Commonwealth, led by a Halfling, a Growth, and the zealous Sacred Order, but they faced fierce competition from a Lycanthrope run amok, a Goblin, and Demons… Everywhere you looked, there were Demon forces. Unfortunate timing caused the Commonwealth forces to drop from three to …

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Round 16 Changes

Human, Dwarf, and Sacred Order get a new hostile spell: Purification, kills 0.50% of Abominations for Afflicted.  Pestilence changes to giving 1% * [Target Peasants] * [Land Ratio] Abominations per tick. Abomination generation from Pestilence is now also limited by the “Reduced conversions” perk which previously have only lowered traditional conversions. Abomination extra food consumption …

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