Round 16 Changes

  • Human, Dwarf, and Sacred Order get a new hostile spell: Purification, kills 0.50% of Abominations for Afflicted. 
  • Pestilence changes to giving 1% * [Target Peasants] * [Land Ratio] Abominations per tick.
  • Abomination generation from Pestilence is now also limited by the “Reduced conversions” perk which previously have only lowered traditional conversions.
  • Abomination extra food consumption increased from 0.125 to 0.15.
  • Abomination casualty reduction bonus removed.
  • Spirit -10% max population removed.
  • Swarm gets -50% damage from Fireballs.
  • Swarm is immune to Insect Swarm. Both for balancing and lore reasons.
  • Firewalkers get -50% damage from Fireballs.
  • Barbarians are assigned a modifier (npc_modifier), which is a random value from 400 to 1000 (skewed towards 1000). This is divided by 1000 to calculate the DPA/OPA of each Barbarian, which means we will have some Barbarians with as little as 40% of the required DPA. Through natural selection, these should end up being small. 
  • Merfolk unit per acre restrictions removed.
  • Merfolk immune to fireballs and get -50% damage from Lightning Bolts.
  • Demon soul collection now works on defense. Demons get souls from casualties when defending (regardless of battle outcome).
  • Demon soul collection limited by “Reduced conversions” perk.
  • Demon ore unit costs removed. Only platinum, mana, and souls.
  • Demon lumber costs for construction removed.
  • Theft caps by stealer’s income removed.
  • Snow Elf -5% population removed.
  • Snow Elf gets -50% mana drain.
  • Snow Elf starts with 1,500 Wild Yetis.
  • Snow Elf spell cost reduced from 6x to 4x.
  • Mana and food construction costs tripled, taking them from insignificant to noticeable.

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