Round 13 Report

Round 13 – Chaos as Opportunity – was one of the wildest yet recorded in the chronicles of Odarena.

The two sides looked close to evenly matched in the early days but the gap started growing between the biggest fighters and their fledgling allies.

For much of the round, it was a battle between a Lux, a Growth, and a Firewalker in the Commonwealth against the Imperial forces of a Dark Elf, a Dragon, a Lycanthrope, and a Demon.

In the final days, the Ant which had explored long ahead of the others turned from just numerous to both numerous and belligerent by amassing a formidable army, but the army never left the colony as a mighty Dimensionalist summoned thousands of extradimensional beings and quickly conquered thousands of acres.

There was no certainty until the final moments of the round when a stalemate between the giant Ant colony of Diplomatic Immunity and the Dimensionalist madman of Multiple Dimensionality Disorder allowed the Myconid of Charodeika to secure the win.

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