Round 38 Announcement

For Goodness’ Sake

Many of you have been generous and able to donate money to ODARENA through the Ko-Fi and Patreon, for which I am profoundly honoured and grateful.

I have thought about what to do with the money. The game is hosted on one of several servers that I have for various projects. In addition to not being a significant cost in total, it’s tricky to determine how to use the donated funds to pay just for the ODARENA server. So spending the money on server costs doesn’t feel like a meaningful investment.

Another option has been to pay for artwork, like OpenDominion is doing. It makes sense for them since they rarely make big changes to units’ look and feel, while artwork for ODARENA risks becoming obsolete very quickly. I might change my mind in the future as the game reaches a maturity towards how I envision the factions. But for now, I don’t want to spend money on artwork for the game.

I have thought about other ways to make the most of the money, and the one I keep coming back to is to give the money to charity.

Right now, the bank account into which donations go is sitting at about 125 EUR (It was not intentional but the bank account I receive the funds into has been nearly entirely dedicated to ODARENA donations.) Whatever the balance is at the end of Round 38, I will match 100% (up to 300 EUR) and donate to a charity of the winner’s choice. Note that there are various transaction fees, so what ends up on the account is a bit less than what’s donated.


  • The winner is the player of the largest dominion when Round 38 ends, unless the winner is found to have violated any of the terms and conditions of the game, in which case the original winner is disqualified and the new winner is the player of the second largest dominion not played by a disqualified winner.
  • If Round 38 does not last the regular 14 days, it will be at my discretion to either accept the outcome when the round ends prematurely or let the next round’s winner pick the charity.
  • In order to qualify as a charity, the charity must be duly organised and registered with the relevant authorities.
  • The charity must be able to receive donations from foreign residents or residents of the Republic of Cyprus and accept payment by MasterCard or EUR/SEPA bank transfer (the bank I’m using for this doesn’t support SWIFT unfortunately).
  • If for whatever reason the donation to the charity is not possible, the winner may select an alternative charity.
  • If the winner does not select a qualified charity within 2 days after the round ends, I will pick a charity.
  • If the charity does not accept donations in EUR, the nearest possible amount in a supported currency will be selected and the remainder will be kept for future use.
  • The donation to the charity will be done within 7 days after Round 38 ends, unless good cause can be given for delaying it which shall be communicated on Discord (
  • Proof of donation will be published on the Lounge in the form of a screenshot, receipt of payment, or equivalent.
  • Donations to ODARENA, even for a charity pot like this, are probably not tax deductible for you. Consult a tax adviser if you need more information.

If you want to help increase the pot for this, please do so before the 7th day of Round 38 to ensure that the funds are in the account by the donation day.

Thanks for making this possible!

— Dreki