Round 17 Report

Round 17 — Safe and Sound — began with the Imperial forces seizing control, led by the Goblin forces of Zoinks, and with the support of another Goblin and a band of howling werewolves.

And then there were trolls. So many trolls. With the mighty Mountain Trolls on the battlefield, the trolls seemed unstoppable at first.

Two lizards struck fear in the hearts of those whose spies were even able to get through. Striving to do their best, the two became one but the one left standing was a mighty opponent.

But the Commonwealth stood their ground — and under their ground. The tremors before a Swarm invasion became a commonplace source of fear for anyone caught in Tempest’s sight. It starts with a light tremble and then barren land and unfinished buildings collapse down as the snakelike warriors rush assault the defending troops.

While the initial support of a Norse faded, aid came from an Armada — the entire Commonwealth Fleet, — whose land forces slowly shifted into mighty Oreclads and Siege Ships, and a Merfolk, a watery grave for many.

The Swarm was able to seize control of the round and provide cover for the Armada and Merfolk, invading anyone whose territory expanded too closely to the Swarm’s.

In the final days, the cold and empty forces of Null and Void made the final days stressful for the Commonwealth. All but the Swarm, whose victory was uncontested.

Well played, alphanidon!

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