Round 19 Changes

  • Instead of randomly joining Commonwealth or Empire, Independent factions now form their own realm. This means we have four standard realms: Barbarians, Commonwealth, Empire, and Independent.
  • Operation success formula changed to an error function.
  • Dimensionalists and Merfolk moved to Independent.
  • Firewalker gains 0.5% pop bonus per 1% Alchemies, max +20% pop at 40% Alchemies.
  • Firewalker loses gem production bonus.
  • Jagunii gains 30% gem production bonus.
  • Lux Aurora changed to reduce training by 4 ticks.
  • Prestige advancements changed to 5% base (max 30% at level 6), up from 2.5% (max 15%).
  • Prestige advancements renamed Honour.
  • Commerce advancements changed to 5% base.
  • New faction: Marshlings:
    • Alignment: Independent.
    • Cannot build barracks.
    • +25% construction costs.
    • -50% platinum production.
    • Draftees and peasants cannot be abducted.
    • Spawn: 2/2 – 100 food, 60 lumber, 15 mana – minimum 0.50 WPA required to train, turns into Slime if victorious in battle.
    • Slime: 3/3 – no cost, cannot be trained – dies into Spawn, turns into Goo if victorious in battle.
    • Goo: 4/5 – no cost, cannot be trained – dies into Slime, turns into Ooze if victorious in battle.
    • Ooze: 5/2.5 – no cost, cannot be trained – dies into Spawn.
    • Spell: Spawning Pool – for every 1% of Swamp you have, you gain 0.5% extra Spawn for free when training. For example, if you have 50% Swamp and you train 100 Spawns, you get 125 Spawns.
  • Barbarian DPA target increased by approximately 10%.
  • Barbarian land gains changed from 4—12% to 5—10% (slightly skewed to 5%).
  • Barbarian NPC modifier applied to land gain.
  • Protection changed to 84 ticks (because it annoyed me 80 wasn’t a multiple of 12).
  • Exploring enabled in protection.
  • Draftee and peasant abduction no longer possible from Growth, Ant, Myconid, Marshlings, and Swarm. These factions can only abduct peasants/draftees from other dominions of the same factions.
  • Dark Elf Swordsman changed to 4.5/0 for 365 plat, 30 ore.
  • Orc Savage changed to 4.5/0 for 420 plat.
  • Gnome Suicide Squad changed to 4.5/0 for 225 plat, 55 ore.
  • Kobold Howling changed to only +10% OP (no DP bonus).
  • Demons are back!
  • Void changed:
    • Because they are built with only mana, Void improvements decay at a rate of 0.5% per tick.
    • Void peasants no longer produce platinum.
    • Void platinum unit costs moved to mana costs.
    • Void can exchange mana for platinum. This is necessary to hire spies and wizards that can stay in this reality and report information back to the Void.
    • Ziggurat mana production increased to 50 mana/tick.
    • Starting mana raised from 100 per acre to 175 per acre.
    • Starting platinum removed.
  • Shrines changed to -5% offensive casualties per 1%, max -75% offensive casualties; and -1% defensive casualties per 1%, max -15% defensive casualties.
  • A couple of minor UI changes.

Additional changes rolled out during the round:

  • Late-joiners get 400 XP per hour late. No max.
  • Ability to delete your dominion if the round hasn’t started or if you have protection ticks left.
  • Additional UI changes.
  • Created new spell for Lux:
    • Solar Flare: vanishes Nox Imp units (2.5% base damage).

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