Round 18 Report

Outnumbering all but an Ant, the Kobold forces of 135 MPH quickly took command of the round. Practically no one was able to defend the Kobold which looked like an unstoppable force.

The primarily Wood Elven forces of Commonwealth crumbled. The Ant was able to stay safe through sheer numbers but was not competitive in military might.

Sacrificing its economy for the greater good, a Firewalker threw down its alchemies in favour of gryphon nests and guard towers, surprising the Kobold and slowing it down — just enough.

For days on end, the two bickering sides were in a standstill with little other to do than to grow their lands by seizing Barbarian territories. Border skirmishes were rare.

Until a virulent Undead army appeared from the dead. The bloodthirsty Wraiths and Revenant had no regard for safety, seeking nothing but the flesh and bones of Barbarians.

This provided an opportunity of growth for the Commonwealth, whose armies would frequently visit the Undead lands.

But then nothing started happening. Not nothing nothing. But an emptiness started growing. Quickly.

First in the Commonwealth, the empty forces of a Void took over land at a rapid pace.

Then the vacuity came from the Empire. A roaring silence, an imperceptible breeze, and countless dead to the Intervacuum.

One by one, the Commonwealth fell to the Void, until on the last day it stood victorious.

Well played, rvv!

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