Round 20 Changes

Not much is changing for Round 20. Working on some heavy backend changes that will unlock some exciting stuff.

  • Dragon restriction of max 1 Dragon per 300 acres of mountains removed.
  • Afflicted Reaper cost changed from 600 plat, 200 ore, 1 prestige to 600 plat, 200 ore, 5% morale.
  • Icekin Ice Elemental ore cost removed.
  • Barbarian DPA formula changed to:
    25 + ([Hours Into the Round] * 0.4)
  • Barbarian land gains set to 5-12%, skewed towards lower values.
  • Fixes done during round 19:
    • Bug fixes.
    • Added networth to target dropdown on Invade, Magic, and Espionage pages.
    • Slightly improved black-ops success formula.
  • Simian Orangutan and Gorilla costs changed from 1,200 plat to 1,100 plat, 50 lumber.
  • Void Ziggurat mana production changed from 50 mana/tick to 120 mana/tick.
  • Void starting mana increased to 3.5 million.

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