Round 53 Changes


  • Guards/Leagues 2.0: Deities
    • From the Government page, you can now devote your dominion to a deity in exchange for some perks (good and bad).
    • Because I expect changes, I’ve decided not to list deities and their perks here and instead deployed them on the sim:
    • For every tick that you remain devoted to a deity, the perks are increased by 0.1% per tick to a maximum of +100%, when the perk values are doubled.
    • It takes 48 ticks for a devotion to take effect. The process cannot be undone or interrupted.
    • Your dominion can only be submitted to one deity at a time. However, you can renounce your deity to select a new one (which resets the ticks counter).
    • Each deity has a range multiplier (normally 0.75x, meaning 75-133%). The range multiplier is the maximum land size range the deity permits you to interact with, unless recently invaded. A dominion with a wider range cannot take actions against a dominion with a more narrow range, unless the two ranges overlap.
      • The range multiplier is not affected by duration of devotion or anything else.
    • A dominion’s deity status is seen on the realm page.
      • You can hover/click a dominion’s deity on the realm page to see the current perks (including extra from time of devotion).
      • If a friendly dominion is in the process of submitting to a deity, you can see to whom and how many ticks are left.
      • If a hostile dominion is in the process of submitting to a deity, you can only see that this is in process but not to whom or how many ticks are left.
    • Ib-Tham has been elevated to a deity and will no longer be commanding a Barbarian tribe. All Barbarians start with devotion to Ib-Tham. A small number of new Barbarian tribe have emerged.
  • The effectiveness of the perks increases_casualties, increases_casualties_on_offense, and increases_casualties_on_defense have been reduced by 50%, to be in line with reduces_casualties and variants.


  • Halfling:
    • Master Thieves gain +0.25 OP per 1 SPA (no max).
    • Staff Master changed from 5/3 to 5/5.
  • Firewalker:
    • Magma Fragment changed from 4/0 to 8/0.
  • Imperial Gnome:
    • Perks:
      • -10% gold production
      • -15% food consumption
      • +10% gem production
      • -10% max population
      • 75% salvage
    • Units:
      • Bomb: 0/0 — 100 gold, 100 ore, 6 mana — fixed 100% casualties, does not count as population, no draftee, +4 OP if paired with 0.02 Airships, max 50 per Airship trained.
      • Iron Swarm: 0/0 — 150 gold, 250 ore, 4 mana — does not count as population, no draftee, +2 OP and +2 DP if paired with 0.01 Airships, max 100 per Airship trained, drains 0.01 mana/tick.
      • Sentry: 0/20 — 2,000 gold, 1,000 ore, 10 mana — does not count as population, no draftee, max 50 per Factory, drains 2 mana/tick.
      • Airship: 120/80 — 32,000 gold, 6,000 lumber, 500 mana — does not count as population, no draftee, immortal on victory, immortal on fending off, max 4 per Factory, drains 1 mana/tick.
  • Norse:
    • Warrior changed from 4/4 to 4/5.
    • Berserker changed from 6/4 to 6/2.
    • Homeguard changed from 0/10 to 0/8.
    • Einherjar changed from 12/8 to 12/6.
  • Snow Elf:
    • -20% population removed.
  • Sylvan
    • Spriggan cost changed to 44 mana.
    • Dryad cost changed to 86 mana.
  • Undead:
    • Ghouls changed from 3 DP to 2.5 DP.
  • Weres:
    • Wolves convert casualties to Werewolves.
    • Bears convert casualties to Werebears.


  • Tactics changed from 5–40% to 3.75%—30%.


  • Gnomish Smithy (Gnome, Imperial Gnome only) changed from only lowering unit gold costs by 2% for every 1% (max -40%) to lowering gold and ore costs by 2% for every 1% (max -50%).
  • Institutes (Wood Elf only) changed from +4% imps per 1% (max +100%) to +2% per 1% owned (no max).


  • Wood Elf improvements’ coefficients increased by approximately 15%.
  • Improvements that reduce casualties have had their maximums reduced by approximately 20% (Void not affected).


  • Rites of Kinthys and Rites of Zidur changed from 1 unit raised per 10 Necromancers to 1 per 13.

Spy Ops

  • No changes

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