Round 65 Changes


  • Casualties Calculator 2.0:
    • Major technical changes to how casualties work. This has historically been one of the buggiest parts of the game and also the hardest to troubleshoot (second only to the Tick Service). Primarily, the focus has been on simplifying the code. But some gameplay changes have been implemented as well.
    • For each unit, casualties are calculated as follows:
      1. Is the unit immortal (including situations like “immortal on victory” and the dominion is victorious)? If yes, nothing else happens, casualties are zero. If no, continue.
      2. A base of 10% (on Offense) or 5% (on Defense) is set.
      3. Check for any of the following:
        • If attacker is overwhelmed, 2x the base.
        • If attacker is successful, divide the base by the OP/DP ratio (effectively only incurring casualties on as many units as were required to break).
        • For defender, multiply base by land ratio: min(1, [Defender size]/[Attacker size])
        • If defender is successful, multiply the base by the OP/DP ratio (effectively only incurring casualties on as many units as were required to fend off).
        • If defender is unsuccessful, multiply the base by the OP/DP ratio: min(1.50, [Attacker OP]/[Defender DP]), effectively meaning you can incur up to 50% extra base casualties on defense this way.
      4. Check for only_dies_vs_raw_power perk:
        • Check if any of the enemy’s units have the required strength to kill the unit.
        • If an enemy unit does, calculate how much of the raw enemy military power came from this unit relative to the total raw military power of the enemy.
        • For example, if two units are strong enough but a third isn’t, a calculation could look like this:
          • Total raw DP: 24,000 DP
          • Unit 1: 8 DP each
          • Unit 2: 12 DP each
          • Unit 3: 4 DP each
          • Unit composition and DP calculation: 8*1,000+12*1,000+4*1,000=24,000
          • Minimum DP to kill: 6
          • The power ratio from killing units is then: (8*1,000+12*1,000)/24,000=0.8333
          • The base is then multiplied by 0.8333 directly, (5%*0.8333 or 10%*0.8333 before other casualty reduction perks are added).
      5. After only_dies_vs_raw_power, with the base lowered (or even zero), we continue with summing up casualty basic casualties perk multipliers (perks from title, faction, advancements, spells, improvements, buildings, deity).
      6. Add perks from this specific unit (i.e. unit casualty perks).
      7. Add perks from other units (i.e. reduces_casualties and increases_own_casualties).
      8. Combine all perks and multiply them with casualty perks from the enemy (increases_enemy_casualties).
      9. Apply multiplier on the base (the 10% or 5%).
    • Formula: ([Base] * [Base Reduction From Only Dies vs. Raw Power Perk]) * ([Basic Perks] + [Unit Perks] + [Perks From Other Units]) * [Perk From Enemy Units]
    • Casualty perks are clamped between -90% and +100%. The only exceptions are immortality (-100%), overwhelmed bounced (+100% on the base, which can be increased by a further +100%), and fixed casualties (always whatever the fixed number is, no perks apply).


  • Aurei:
    • Alchemists changed from just 5.4 gold/tick to 5.4 gold/tick if paired with 0.05 Gold Quarries (i.e. each Gold Quarry makes 20 Alchemists produce 5.4 gold/tick each).
  • Marshlings:
    • Resources: gold, food, spawn, mud, mana, swamp gas.
    • Traits:
      • Peasants (apprentices) produce 2.0 gold and 0.10 mana per tick.
      • -100% conversions.
      • Improvements interest random minimum: -0.70%.
      • Improvements interest random maximum: 0.75%.
    • Units:
      • Sludger: 17/9 — cannot be trained, cannot be released, +30% casualties.
      • Spewer: 7/9 — cannot be trained, cannot be released, produces 2 swamp gas/tick.
      • Oozer: 11/9 — cannot be trained, cannot be released, returns 8 ticks faster.
      • Brooder: 9/9 — cannot be trained, cannot be released, always suffers 100% casualties, immortal on fending off, dies into three spawns.
  • Qur:
    • Zealots lose ability to kill immortal units.
  • Sacred Order:
    • Gains +2% to improvements per net victory (never less than 0, works like Schools and Infrastructure).
  • Simian:
    • Chimpanzee and Gorilla casualty reductions vs. forest changed from -1% per 1% forest of enemy to -2% per 1% forest of enemy.
  • Void:
    • Vision changed from 1/4 to 1/10 wizard on defense.


  • No changes.


  • Gas Spout (Marshling only): produces 60 swamp gas per tick.
  • New — Obelisk (Afflicted, Demon, Reptilians, Sacred Order, Undead only): increases deity perks by 10% per 1%, max +100%.
  • Spawning Pool (Marshling only): produces 0.12 marshlings per tick.
  • Several buildings removed for Marshling: Gold Mine, Gem Mine, Smithy, Guard Tower, Military Academy, Watermill.
  • Towers reinstated for Marshling.


  • Ix: gains +50% XP gains on invasions and expeditions.


  • Marshlings unique setup:
    • Adaptation: casualties (-50/6000), land generation (-25/4000)
    • Aggression: offensive power (30/5000), base morale (-25/6000)
    • Depth: max population (60,10000), offensive power (-20/6000)
    • Friskiness: marshling production (40/6000), food production (-30/6000)
    • Goo Puddles: defensive power (30/4000), construction costs (30/4000).
    • Mysticism: mana production (100/6000), casualties (40/8000)
    • Peacefulness: casualties (-40/5000), enemy casualties (-50/7500)
    • Strength: defensive power (50/6000), max population (-25/5000)
  • Wood Elf improvement coefficients increased by circa 10%.


  • New — Marshling: exclusive to Marshlings, counts as 1 networth.


  • New — Marsh Attacks (Marshling only): your wizards attempt to convert Marshlings into units at a random distribution (restricted by available population/housing). You convert WPA x 10% of available Marshlings, up to 50%.
  • Menticide disabled.
  • Mind Control disabled.
  • New — Swamp Trance (Marshling only): +100% swamp gas production, cannot invade, cannot send expeditions.

Spy Ops

  • No changes.


  • Researcher: +50% XP gains on invasions and expeditions.

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