Round 73 Changes


  • All dominions start with Sazal’s Fog and Sazal’s Charge on a 192-tick cooldown, which after protection means 96 ticks of cooldown remaining.
  • A new type of conversion added: Displaced Peasants Random Split Conversion. Instead of all displaced peasants being converted to one unit slot, there is random ratio (x% to y%) which turn into one unit slot, and others into another unit slot. For example, a configuration might be 30;70,3,4 which would mean 30% – 70% of the displaced peasants converted to unit slot 3 and the remainder to unit slot 4.


  • The game now supports quickstarts, available from the round registration page by clicking the Quickstart button and selecting a template.
  • Anyone is invited to create quickstarts. More details here: How to create Quickstart templates



  • Weavers changed from 1/500 to 1/250 wizard on defense per 1% water.


  • Master Thieves changed from counting as 2/1 spy to counting as 1/6 spy on offense and 1/4 spy on defense.


  • Wolf displaced peasants conversion replaced with random split conversion: 80–90% turn into Wolves, remainder into Werewolves.
  • Werewolf displaced peasants conversion replaced with random split conversion: 40–60% turn into Werewolves, remainder into Werebears.
  • Bears changed from 5 to 4 DP.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • Mobilisation disabled for Yeti.
  • New — Mustering (Yeti only): lower unit ore costs (-25/4,000), lowers unit lumber costs (-15/6,000), and increases food consumption (10/6,000).


  • No changes.

Spells and Sorcery

  • Spell cost reduction perks no longer apply to sorcery. Support added for future sorcery cost perks, but none currently implemented.
  • Fine Arts (Vampire only): +10% improvement points value from investments, +5% unit gold training costs.
  • Regeneration changed from 48 ticks duration to 24 ticks duration.
  • Some inactive spells re-enabled (generally with a cooldown):
    • Fimbulwinter (Norse only): -10% food production, -10% lumber production, +10% defensive power.
    • Furnace Maws (Dragon only): +5% offensive power, -10% gem production.
    • Howling (Kobold only): increases morale by 1% for every net victory.
    • Infernal Fury (Demon only): increases enemy casualties on offense and defense by 25%, +20% food consumption.


  • Assassinate Draftees, Assassinate Peasants, and Magic Snare damage increased 10x.


  • No changes.

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