Round 78 Changes


  • Expedition land gains now reduced by deity multiplier even during submission period (the 48 ticks before devotion kicks in).
  • For anyone following along in GitHub, the name of round branches have changed from ODA-r# to just r# (ODA-r77 to r78).

Advancements 2.0

  • Advancements were just reskinned Technological Advancements. This new system is a proper 2.0-ification.
  • The system is largely the same. The changes are:
    • Easier to maintain and manage.
    • Support for faction exclusion or exclusivity.
    • No level caps. This could be a future use case where highly advanced factions can go beyond level 10, or some factions can only go to lower levels.
    • The higher the level, the higher the base perk value (shown below here) becomes.
      • Levels up to and including 6: [Base Perk] * [Level
      • Levels 7 through 10: [Base Perk] * ( ( ( 6 - [Level] ) / 2 ) + 6 )
  • New UI.
  • New bugs.
  • Advancements largely intact (see minor changes below).


Snow Elf

  • Gryphons get 10% attrition (see Building changes below for remediations).


  • Agents renamed Undercover.
  • New — Foundations: decreases construction time.
  • New — Molluscs (Glimjir only): increases pearl production.
  • Quarries renamed Mining Equipment.
  • New — Stoneworks: increases ore improvement points.
  • New — Woodworks: increases lumber improvement points.


  • Gryphon Nests: now keeps two Gryphons from attrition (increased by Gryphonry).


Advanced Research

  • Enabled for Black Orc, Dark Elf, Gnome, Orc, and Vampires.
  • Disabled for Nomad.


  • Artistic changed from +20% morale and +10% improvements to +15% morale.
  • Community gets +2.5% population (was missing due to a misconfiguration/bug).
  • New — Engineering: +10% improvements.
  • Religious changed from +2.5% deity perks to +7.5%.

Military Tradition

  • Brutal gains +2.5% own and enemy casualties.
  • Defensive gains -5% defensive casualties.
  • New — Strategic: +1% offensive power, -2% enemy defensive modifiers, +2% unit gold, ore, lumber, mana, and food costs.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • Quickstarts migrated from techs to Advancements.


  • No changes.

Spells and Sorcery

  • New — Lesser Pestilence: same as Pestilence but only kills 0.05% of peasants and duration is 96 ticks.
  • Pestilence: now spreads Lesser Pestilence if a Pestilence-ridden dominion invades or is invaded by a dominion which is not an Afflicted and which does not currently have Pestilence or Lesser Pestilence.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • Healer changed from -10% to -12.50% casualties.
  • Pathfinder changed to +20% land discovery on expeditions and +20% expedition prestige gains.

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