Round 22 Changes

  • The Commonwealth Armada is getting a tune-up:
    • Ensign changed to 3/1.5 for 300 plat, 10 ore.
    • Commodore changed to 4/5 for 825 plat, 25 ore.
    • The clunky Oreclad is replaced with the much lighter and faster Frigate: 0/120 for 12,500 plat, 2,500 ore, and 5,000 lumber. Each Frigate can house up to 8 units.
    • The Siege Ship is being upgraded into a Battleship: 40/40 for 60,000 plat, 15,000 ore, and 35,000 ore. Each Battleship houses 300 units and, if paired with 300 Ensigns, the Battleship gain 300 OP. A fully crewed Battleship yields 340 OP plus 900 OP from the Ensigns for a total of 1,240 OP.
    • Armada can no longer build homes or barracks.
    • Frigate and Battleship limited to two of each per Dock (increasable by improving Harbor). This means that one dock can house two Frigates and two Battleships (but not one Frigate and three Battleships).
  • In response, the Imperial Gnomes are tweaking their machinery:
    • Thanks to recent innovation and miniaturisation, Hammerer are being armed with exploding lances called arquebuses. Arquebusiers replace Hammerers: 3.5/0 – 320 plat, 60 ore – increases casualties (for the defender).
    • Automatons changed to 1/5, 555 plat, 110 ore, and 2 gems. Gets +1 OP if paired with 1 Arquebusier.
    • Catapults house 8 units.
    • Catapult and Airship limited to two of each per Factory (increasable by improving Workshops). This means that one Factory can house two Catapults and two Airships (but not one Catapult and three Airships).
  • The Demon Archdemons have convened and returned to the Empire with a new military composition:
    • Demons now have +30% population bonus and +50% population growth rate.
    • A new resource is being introduced: blood.
    • Demons start with 140,000 gallons of blood.
    • For every 1 raw OP or 1 raw DP a killed enemy soldier has, you gain 1/3 gallons of blood.
    • Every enemy spy killed during a failed operation (not Disbanded) and every draftee assassinated yields 1/3 gallons of blood and 1 soul.
    • Every peasant killed with Fireballs yields 1 soul.
    • The Hellhound returns: 4/0 for 450 platinum, 8 mana, and 6 blood. They train 3 ticks faster (6 tick training time) and return 6 ticks faster from battle.
    • Subjugator: 3/6 for 800 plat, 16 mana, and 12 blood. Subjugators count as 1/6 wizard on offence and cannot die when casting spells.
    • Succubus: 0/2 for 6 blood. These immortal temptresses sacrifice 0.04 peasants per tick (25 required to sacrifice a whole peasant). In exchange for their murderous desires, they raise the population growth rate by 2.5% for every 1% of the total population consisting of Succubus.
    • Every peasant sacrificed yields 1 soul, 1/3 gallons of blood, and 4 bushels of food.
    • Demon NW is increased by 0.1 for every 1 soul they have.
  • Simian changes:
    • No construction costs on forest acres.
    • Gains +0.25% DP modifier for every 1% forest.
    • Orangutang and Gorilla costs changed to 1,000 plat, 100 lumber from 1,100 plat, 50 lumber.
  • Artillery changes:
    • Cannons changed to 1/4.
    • Cannons pairing limit removed.
  • Dark Elf changes:
    • Food consumption: -20%.
    • Swordsman and Gargoyle trade places.
    • Gargoyles: 4/0, no boats needed: 350 plat, 30 ore.
    • Swordsman: 0/4, 320 plat, 30 ore.
    • Adepts gain 0.025 XP/tick production.
    • Spirit Warrior cost changed to 1,000 plat, 25 mana.
    • Spirit Warrior OP bonus changed to +1 for >=75% and +1.5 for >=100%.
  • Ants change:
    • Gem production -25%.
    • Worker Ant reduced to 1.5 DP.
    • Giant Ant cost increased to 350 plat.
    • Flying Ant cost increased to 520 plat.
    • Max population lowered from 160% to 140%.
  • General changes:
    • Sacred Order Holy Warrior renamed Paladin (a term previously reserved for the scrapped Templars faction).
    • Dragon Dragon units now burn 20 peasants each on attack.
    • Undead Skeleton gains increases casualties on offense perk.
    • Icekin Ice Elemental cost changed to 1,000 plat, 15 mana from 1,100 plat, 15 mana.
    • Lux Vex now trains in 9 ticks.
    • Halfling Staff Master casualty reduction removed.
    • Defensive conversions: conversions now work on defense as well, affecting all factions with conversion ability. Defensive conversions are 50% as effective as offensive conversions and the new units take 6 ticks to activate. They will appear in the training queue. Units with fixed offensive casualties greater than 50% cannot be converted (this rules out Ice Boulders, cannon balls, and the like).
    • Raze conversions: conversions now take place even for non-overwhelmed bounced.
    • Factions without advancements now get XP when invading and exploring (since XP is now also used to generate extra acres on invasion).
    • Platinum max storage raised from 5,000 plat/acre to 10,000 plat/acre.

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