Round 37 Changes


Totally revamped spell system. This makes it much easier to add new spells and create different features around spells. It also leaves no room for mismatch in the previously hardcoded spell description, instead using dynamic descriptions just like Techs and Ruler Titles.

I’ve done testing and patched all bugs I’ve found but expecting some to have slipped through.

Classes and Scopes

Spells are categorised into three Classes and three Scopes.

The Classes are:

  • Aura: spells that have a lingering effect (Harmony, Plague)
  • Impact: spells that have an impact effect (Fireball)
  • Info: information gathering spells

(There is a fourth category under the hood for Afflicted invasion spells.)

Each spell also has one of three Scopes:

  • Friendly: cast on dominions in your realm.
  • Hostile: cast on dominions not in your realm.
  • Self: cast on yourself.

All in all, there are nine possible types of spells:

FriendlyFriendly AuraFriendly ImpactFriendly Info
HostileHostile AuraHostile ImpactHostile Info
SelfSelf AuraSelf ImpactSelf Info
There are currently no Friendly Info and Self Info spells.

New spells

  • Transmogrify (self impact): converts 25% of your current ore to gems at a rate of 4:1.
  • Waterwall (self aura): -80% boats sunk, -100% dock food production.
  • ◭⫸⋖⋗ (Void self aura): -80% mana theft.
  • Iceshield (Icekin friendly aura): -10% damage from fireballs and lightning bolts.
  • Birdsong (Sylvan friendly impact): restores 1% morale (up to max of 100%).
  • Pyroclast (Firewalker hostile impact): twice as powerful as a regular Fireball.
  • Frozen Shores (Icekin, Yeti, and Snow Elf hostile aura): target cannot send out boats.
  • Lightfoots (Halfling friendly aura): +10% spy strength.

Other Changes

  • Cult and Afflicted are taking a brief hiatus.
  • Espionage system also rewritten using the same logic as Spells but no gameplay changes have been implemented. For now, just replicating the old spy ops using this new logic.
  • New page: Intelligence. All information gathering spy and wiz ops are on this page now. Further changes over the coming rounds.
  • On the Search page, limiting to “My Range” now excludes dominions from your own realm.
  • Guard Towers, Gryphon Nests, and Temples changed from 2x max 40% to 1.8x max 36%.
  • Spy Strength and Wizard Strength now apply to SPA and WPA the same way morale does to OP and DP:
    [Raw SPA] * [Mods] * (0.9 + [Spy Strength %]/10)
    • Spy Strength also affects amount stolen the same way:
      [Amount Stolen] * (0.9 + [Spy Strength %] / 10)
  • Quarters advancements is now a multiplicative bonus:
    [Bonus] * [Quarters] * [Prestige]
  • Dragon:
    • Dragon cost changed from 50,000 gems to 45,000 gems.
  • Kerranad:
    • Assassin training time changed from 9 to 6.
    • Immortal Guard training time changed from 9 to 6.
    • Battlemage training time changed from 12 to 6.
    • Immortal Knight changed from 9/4 to 9/5.
    • Immortal Knight training time changed from 12 to 9.
  • Firewalker:
    • Cannot cast Fireballs (gets Pyroclast instead).
  • Spirit:
    • Construction cost bonus removed.
    • Rezoning cost bonus changed from -30% to -20%.
  • Weres:
    • Defense from forest changed from 0.10% to 0.125% per 1% Forest.
    • Werebear changed from 8/6 to 9/5.

Reporting Bugs

I appreciate everyone who reports bugs and in order to keep bug fixing as streamlined as possible, I’d like to propose some guidelines when reporting bugs.

  1. Be specific: I am much more likely to be able to solve a bug quickly if you believe you have found a bug and can be specific about how and when it occurred.

    Good: “It seems like I got conversions from an ammunition unit when I was invaded by [Dominion] at [Time].”

    Bad: “Something seems to be wrong with conversions.”
  2. Give data: A lot of information that you see as a player is not easy for me to see in the database. The more relevant data you can provide, the easier it will be for me to pinpoint where the issue might be.

    Good: “I suffered 5% damage from lightning bolts, despite having 50% Spires. Here’s an example where a bolt did 1,000,000 points damage when my total imp points were 20,000,000.”

    Bad: “I feel like bolt damage is too high.”

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