Round 34 Changes

Changes are tentative until this notice goes away.

  • Ants:
    • Pop bonus raised from +140% to +160%.
    • Worker Ants now also produce food (+0.25 food/tick).
    • Flying Ant changed to 3/1.5 and Forest Haven perk removed.
  • Dwarf:
    • Population bonus removed.
    • Thundermaul cost changed to 100,000 ore, 150 gem, and 500 mana. Gains -50% casualties and immortal on fending off.
  • Undead:
    • Skeletons lose immortality and instead suffer 100% casualties (and return to the crypt at the normal rate).
    • Conversion removed from all Undead units.
  • Spirit:
    • Conversion OP/DP tiers lowered by 1.
  • Weres:
    • Conversion OP/DP tiers lowered by 1.
  • Icekin:
    • Ice Beast changed (corrected) to +1 OP per 1 WPA, max +2.
  • Yeti:
    • Regular drafting instead of Gryphon Nests based drafting.

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